Party, wedding or concert

Liability insurance for event and congress organizers

This business is brokered by us.

Are you organizing an event? A congress, a party, a wedding or a concert?

No matter which event you are planning, holding an event is always associated with liability risks. Because whoever brings people together also puts them in danger! Whether personal injury, property damage or financial loss: the organizer is liable in the event of fault! Please keep in mind: An individual as an organizer is personally and unlimitedly liable for all damages in full with all his assets! The organizer's liability insurance pays compensation for justified claims and fends off unjustified claims for damages. Any court costs that may arise are also insured.  

Please contact our Service Center for more information:, Tel.: +43 1 3172500 73904.

Event agencies

This business is brokered by us.

This liability insurance is tailored to the special requirements of an event agency. This includes the planning, organization and implementation of an event for a client.
For advice on this product, please contact our Service Center directly:, Tel.: +43 1 3172500 73904

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  • Enter your policy number. In an emergency, it will be transmitted along with your current address via GPS tracking
  • The shortest connection to the emergency call center, works even without internet access
  • Tele-Traveldoc, a 24/7 connection to the Austrian doctor for quick medical advice when travelling
  • Simple and quick transmission of a claim
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